ACA Seeks National Bank Partner for
Special Investee Program to Launch at Spring 2020

The Angel Capital Association, the largest association of active accredited angel groups and individuals in North America, announced a new partnership opportunity and is seeking a national bank to support a program to help strengthen the capital flow systems, from early stage funding through to bankable entities and eventually exits, in an effort to support more early stage companies within the portfolios of the ACA membership groups.

The Angel Capital Association (ACA) is proud to announce a new program to provide ACA Angel investee companies with tailored advice and services to manage and grow their businesses into successful companies that create real impact.

Through this collaboration, the chosen bank partner will have unique and exclusive access to three types of opportunities within our ACA Community of 220+ angel groups and members from across the US:

  • Venture Banking - Helping early seed companies get bankable more quickly 
  • Commercial Banking - Helping more mature, bankable companies within our member portfolios with advisory, tools and resources
  • Private Banking/Wealth Advisory - Helping high net worth, active investors best leverage capital, investments  and funding options

The chosen bank partner will benefit from 1M+ impressions annually, ranging from high quality thought leadership and speaking opportunities with access points across 6-8 event per year; customized digital communication and an opportunity to co-develop content for our ACA University, which will be delivered in many formats, ranging from in-person workshops to on-line, self-paced courses.

This will also be an exclusive opportunity to provide qualified ACA Angel-backed companies a resource business banking package that could include tips for easier access to credit and provide professional advice and services that can really help early stage companies scale effectively and get bankable sooner.

 ACA is also expanding its efforts to provide Angels, incubators, accelerators and their investee companies with guidance, best practices, tools and resources.

ACA and the chosen bank will develop a cobranded campaign, as solid and leading supporters of innovation, and why the heart of the American Economy across main stream America will prosper from it.

Angel investors play a critical role in supplying entrepreneurs with financing, mentorship and access to networks that help them grow their businesses and survive the riskiest stages of development. This program will ensure entrepreneurs can also access the services and professional advice they need to become the successful businesses that they need to be competitive in the global market.  

"The easier it is to match the lowest cost of capital along the entire ecosystem to individuals and organizations who need it most, the better we will be at strengthening economic opportunities for all, and having worked with banks and capital sourcing for most of my life, I am thrilled to be launching this initiative and seeking a partner bank to do so.” 

-  Lucy Howell, Director of Partnerships, ACA.  

“By partnering with a national and hungry bank, we will increase and improve access to resources that will make a meaningful impact in a startup’s earliest and most critical stages of development.”

- Pat Gouhin, CEO ACA.

This exclusive partnership will be with a bank that already understands that the future of America's economic prosperity depends on our ability to commercialize ground breaking ideas and is interested in positioning as ACA's premier partner for capital sourcing and advisory needs.

This bank will recognize that tech companies have a unique set of needs. This collaboration is one way we’re supporting entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business and positioning them to create positive impact in the US and around the world.

ACA is seeking one exclusive banking partner to develop Phase 1 - a three year program estimated to deliver 20+ events in regions across the US, plus co-branded educational content development, webinars and privately hosted events, positioned as ACA's premier banking and wealth advisory partner, and will be announced by the end of the year, with special presentation at the 2020 ACA Summit to be held May 12-14, 2020 in Westminster, CO.

For more information on ACA or our member demographics, please  click here or contact:

Lucy Howell, Director of Partnerships, ACA

 520 878 6683 or