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Welcome to the next-generation capital markets platform built to provide an efficient, secure and simplified tool for private securities investing.

About IOwnIt.US...from founder, Rashad Kurbanov, CEO

My name is Rashad Kurbanov, I am a co-founder and CEO of iownit capital and markets. is a financial services and technology company dedicated to bringing advanced technology to the private securities markets to benefit investors, issuers and financial services intermediaries.

We are capital markets and technology experts with a combined 100+ years of experience in working with issuers, building technology platforms for large financial services firms and managing regulatory compliance.

We believe that early-stage investors play an incredibly important role in the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovation.

However, due to the current regulations, fragmented market structure and absence of the right technology tools, early-stage investors are currently underserved by the financial services industry. 

Why Partner with ACA?

We decided to partner with ACA because we believe in ACA’s mission to provide access to professional knowledge and ideas to improve returns for their members. Our technology platform is built ground up over the past two years to completely digitize securities issuance, asset lifecycle management and secondary trading processes for private securities and thus create a more efficient market.

It is targeted toward institutional and accredited investors only, providing tools to facilitate seamless investment processes, information sharing, and ongoing portfolio management. Hence, it lowers the costs associated with the existing processes for all market participants, while providing investor protection, cybersecurity, and complete privacy.

What are your Top 3 Goals with ACA?

Our goal is to provide investors with access to the broadest selection of investment opportunities that match their interests and risk appetite while allowing them to be equally well equipped as their portfolio companies grow and attract institutional capital.

We have made and are committed to continue investing in our technology platform.  

In partnering with the ACA, we aim to:


Support ACA in its mission to provide access to professional tools and ideas for investors


Understand the greatest pain points angel investors face in their investment journey, and develop solutions to address these issues


Establish ongoing relationships with ACA member organizations

What is your Main Message for ACA Members?

We appreciate their role, experience, and capabilities as investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs.

From our side, we bring solid technology and capital markets expertise honed over the decades of working with the largest financial services firms.

In addition to technology, we are actively engaging with regulators and legislators to improve the functioning of the private securities markets.

We believe that technology can reduce friction in the flow of capital by automating and streamlining routine processes, freeing all market participants to focus on what matters the most to them.   And we hope to work jointly to improve the investment process.

How can the ACA Organization and Angels help you achieve success?


Share feedback with IownIt from their members about their top priorities


Provide a platform to engage with ACA members through meetings, webinars, and online communications

If you think we can help, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or Yosef Levenstein, our Director of Marketing, below.

We are proud to be an annual partner with the ACA and look forward to mutual success.

Main Contacts for ACA

Rashad Kurbanov, CEO

Yosef Levenstein, Director fo Marketing

Call Us at 832 426-4242

Global Offices


8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 1515
TX 77046 USA

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660 Bryant Avenue
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