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Translational Research Institute for Space Health

Inviting those looking to deliver humanity to Mars...

ACA is proud to partner with The Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) as a 2020 annual partner, delivering funding, resources and opportunities for any members interested in getting involved with their mission to advance space health related innovation.  

What is TRISH?

The Translational Research Institute for Space Health, or TRISH, is NASA’s partner for health innovation for deep space exploration. We find and fund disruptive, breakthrough approaches that reduce risks to human health and performance. TRISH supports both high-risk early-stage research as well as pre-seed and seed-stage health technologies that can be modified for use by astronauts on the way to Mars.

The mission to Mars is the next step in human exploration. Our work is forward-looking, seeking the health technologies and practices of the next 5, 10, or 15 years in the future. While these healthcare advances will eventually be deployed by future astronaut corps in and extremely hostile environment – deep space, or on Mars – they are the future of healthcare for Earth.

Examples of fields we are interested in:

  • Unobtrusive monitoring (i.e., non-contact or minimal-contact sensors) that can be used to accurately assess behavioral health and performance;
  • Closed-loop approaches that combine ongoing monitoring with countermeasures that are deployed as-needed to continually “nudge” individuals towards more optimal or healthy states;
  • Methods for optimizing asynchronous communications, given that astronauts often say a phone call home provides a tremendous support for behavioral health, and trips to Mars—with one-way communications delays of 3-22 min—will make such phone calls extremely difficult;
  • Brain-computer interfaces for enhancing memory and/or cognitive performance;
  • Investigating how approaches to improve health span may be relevant to behavioral health and performance;
  • Tools for managing the stress and anxiety that is guaranteed to arise on long-duration missions in isolation and confinement;
  • Other radically different tools or approaches that can benefit future space explorers. Out of the box approaches are welcome!

Our mindset is to think big and fail fast. We are investing in technologies that might mean huge leaps forward, enabling humanity to put the first boot prints on the Martian surface.

Why Partner with ACA?

TRISH is a consortium led by Baylor College of Medicine and partnered with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Because of this partnership, we see a lot of emerging technology from academic institutions around the country. We are interested in partnering with the ACA to help find new technologies from the industry side. Angel investors have the opportunity to see an amazing volume of new companies and technologies, and we are prepared to help validate and co-invest in high-potential ventures.

What are your Top 3 Goals with ACA?

Through a partnership with the ACA, TRISH seeks to identify medical and biotechnology companies with existing technology that can be translated or adapted for use in space. TRISH is investing in solutions for the biggest risks NASA has identified for health and human performance during a potential 3-year deep exploration mission. We want to see novel ideas that can work self-contained, in an extreme environment.

Second, we want to share our funding opportunities with a broad audience of innovators to bring more attention to the health needs in space. The commercial space industry has brought a lot of interest to the potential of advancing space exploration, and our work explores ways to protect the health and sanity of all humans venturing beyond Earth. Humans will go to Mars, and there is a market for innovation to solve the health challenges that come along for the journey.

Finally, advances for space health are the future of healthcare. Preparing a technology for space can mean de-risking by making it smaller, lighter, more efficient- able to function in austere and extreme conditions. This will translate to better access to medical treatments in austere conditions here on Earth, especially for communities with limited access to existing healthcare technologies.

The companies in our portfolio will have a primary terrestrial healthcare application. However, TRISH support opens up a unique secondary market (space and government sales) and TRISH can help advance the right technologies.

What is your Main Message for ACA Members?

TRISH is on the lookout for paradigm-shifting medical technologies that can be deployed to protect astronaut crew on a long-duration mission to Mars. We are looking for partners from the ACA community, to join the mission to Mars by helping us identify pre-seed and seed-stage companies with technology that NASA needs to learn about.

TRISH offers non-dilutive federal capital, technology and scientific vetting, de-risking and a pathway to government sales, which all comes with the added benefit of becoming of the Institute’s partners in solving NASA’s greatest health challenges.

We welcome new partners and opportunities to see dealflow - reach out to me directly to partner with TRISH.

If you would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to reach out.

We are proud to be an annual partner with the ACA and look forward to mutual success.

James Hury, Deputy Director

Main Contact for ACA

Deputy Director and Chief Innovation Officer
Baylor College of Medicine
Email: huryiii@bcm.edu

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