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The Angel Capital Association offers excellent opportunities to build your firm's relationship with more than 220 groups representing 18,000+ angels across North America, the portfolio companies they invest in, and the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs that view ACA's website. 

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ACA delivers over 1M high quality 360° impressions per year through in-person events, targeted e-mails, special promotions, webinars, social media, app downloads and website


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Welcome notes from past and current ACA Board Members

Tony Shipley Queen City Angels, ACA Board
Christopher Mirabile Launchpad Ventures, ACA Board, Chair Emeritus
Linda Smith Sierra Angels, ACA Board Chair
Lorine Pendleton Tiger21, Chair, ACA Board
Marcia Dawood Next Wave Ventures, ACA Board
Angela Jackson Portland Seed Fund, ACA Board
Trish Costello Portfolia, Founder, ACA Board
Juliana Garaizar Individual Investor, ACA Board
Lucy Howell ACA, Director of Partnerships

The ACA is the community of passionate investors at the core of supporting and funding innovation across North America. It is my privilege and honor to serve on the board as Chair and welcome meeting sponsors who can deliver value to our member angel organizations and their members. Hope to meet you at the 2020 Summit!

There is no other greater collection of thought leadership in terms of funding innovation than this event, and we welcome sponsors who support our mission.

Angels are eager to learn, connect and grow through the opportunities that come out of networking and events like the Summit and it is an incredible opportunity for sponsors looking to connect with the most active investors and ecosystems across North America.

I have recently joined the ACA Board, and already feel the energy that this community exudes. We are always seeking partners and sponsors who want to help support our mission and deliver high quality options, tools and experiences to our unique group of angel leaders, investors and organizations.

I love serving on the ACA Board, especially since there is so much emphasis on finding ways to support women and minority lead efforts, by finding more women and diverse investors to join our efforts. The Summit has as entire track, including a breakfast and dinner, dedicated to this and we welcome all sponsors who'd like to help support our efforts here, too!

These are the smartest and coolest people I know. The connections I make at ACA events are priceless. There is no better way to connect with high net worth, highly influential impact makers and funders in ecosystems across North America than the ACA Summit. We'd love to find ways to deliver sponsor value to our members and vice versa.

I am passionate about teaching more men and women about the importance of funding and supporting more female-lead ventures especially in the women's health and femtech space. The ACA is an incredible community that helps deliver this message and I am honored and humbled to serve on the Board. We welcome partners and sponsors who are aligned with our missions and who can deliver value to our members and angel organizations.

I have started many angel investor groups across the globe, and one thing in clear for these international groups...there is no better place to connect with active investors immersed in innovation in all sectors, than the ACA Summit...25 countries all coming together for 3 days of connections, is an incredible opportunity to make connections that can last a lifetime. This really is a CAN'T MISS event!

I am fascinated and amazed at the caliber of people that make up this incredible community of the most active angel investors from across the globe, representing all 50 states and 25+ more countries in one place, for 3 days to learn, connect and grow. The ACA Summit is the place to connect with high net worth, influential impact making angels making a difference.

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ACA is the largest association of active, accredited angel investors in North America, with 14k members representing 270 angel organizations in all 50 states and 6 Canadian provinces.

ACA is a collective of accredited angel investors, North America's most prolific, early-stage investment class.  

The association is the largest angel professional development organization in the world.  ACA provides an insider perspective that can help you connect with those industry and thought leaders that can help take your business to the next levels.

ACA delivers over 1M impressions/year through our website, e-mails, social media posts, hosted webinars, and member events throughout North America, targeting our core members and others key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, such as accelerators, entrepreneurs, family office, venture capital and other professional services supporting the space.

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ACA Members are impacting the economy and creating jobs.

Angel investors are the secret weapon of American startups.

While venture capital is more well known to the public, angels have funded about the same total amount of capital as VCs annually over the last decade and nearly 20 times as many companies. 

In addition, angels invest in a much wider geography, investing money and expertise in companies in literally every state. 

Key contributions of angels to the economy include:


of outside equity raised by start-ups (after friends and family).  These companies are too small for bank loans and most venture capital firms.


Total amount of Angel Investments per year


Early-stage companies funded by angel Investments


Early stage companies funded by venture capital


of net new jobs are from firms that are less than 5 yrs old 

Research shows that the largest growth comes from high-growth, innovative startups, the kind angels fund

ACA Members are everywhere and we make it easy to connect with them all.

  • Members located in every US state and 6 Canadian provinces
  • Exited entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, professionals in tech, life sciences and more
  • Gold standard content and connection opportunities, looking to connect with other thought leaders
  • ACA members serve multiple roles in many types of organizations, which include:
    • Board of Directors
    • Public companies
    • Private businesses
    • Universities and non-profit organizations
    • Mentors and advisors

The face of The American Angel is changing across the country creating more opportunities for everybody across the board.  

For example, 33% of new angels over the past 3 years are women, which starts to impact the economic landscape. For more angel demographics, check out our report, The American Angel, below.

ACA Angels at a Glance

Top angels have an important say in what their portfolio companies do and purchase and ACA can help you connect to this highly influential group. 


# of Year Investing


# of Investments


# of Ventures Founded

Education: Masters

Professional Backgrounds: 

Corporate Leaders and Professional Services

Multiple Roles: 

Board of Directors, public companies, private businesses, universities and non-profit organizations, Mentors and advisors


# of Years as an Entrepreneur


% of Portfolio for Angel Investing


# of Exits

Startups count on angels for important mentoring, guidance, and board support.
They look to these experienced investors for critical connections for customers, additional funders and acquirers and for their exit.

Here's a quick snapshot at a few of these groups:

Central Texas Angel Network:

  • 165 angels in network - $75M in 135 startups since 2006 - $13M in 43 companies in 2015

Alliance of Angels

  • 140 angels in network - $100M in 200 startups since 1997 - $6.6M seed fund connects to other northwest-based investors

Life Science Angels

  • Angels all have deep medical and/or operations backgrounds - 58 companies funded since 2004 - Active syndicator with financings ranging from $1.5M to $6M

Hyde Park Angels

  • 100 angels, including 49 founders, 83 CEOs and 131 Board seats - 115 deals, $30M since 2007 - $8.2M in 29 companies in 2016

ACA offers unparalleled access to these angels and angel groups and even matches all Premier Annual Sponsors with their own ACA Board Ambassador for help and guidance for maximizing opportunities within the ACA community.

Connections and Syndication Activity is main focus for ACA members

Since ACA network collaboration is a key focus for our members, this allows sponsors to benefit from the multiple touch points for member influence, as well.  

Quick facts include:

  • 75%+ of ACA member deals are syndicated
  • Common agreements lead to sharing due diligence and fast track on group decisions
  • Come out of regular communication and trust building
  • Regularly include multiple angel groups, family offices, VC's and private equity
  • Only way to support companies where VCs are rare
  • For example, Golden Seeds lead a Series B round of $12M with 6 ACA member groups across the US

 For more information on how ACA angels fund their deals, check out our ACA Angel Funders Report below: